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Download now TPA vs SKT - 2014 All-Star Group Stage D1 mp3

TPA vs SKT - 2014 All-Star Group Stage D1

Judul: TPA vs SKT - 2014 All-Star Group Stage D1

Publikasi: 08 May 2014

Uploader: LoL Esports

Durasi: 59:38

For match stats, go to the TPA vs SKT match page at: http://na.lolesports.com/all-star/2014/paris/matches/week-1/omg-vs-azubu-taipei-assassins

Taipei Assassins -- TPA | http://bit.ly/allstarTPA

Jhen-Chi "Achie" Chen -- Top Lane (Lee Sin)
Peng Nien "Winds" Chen -- Jungler (Elise)
Guan Ting "Morning" Chen -- Mid Lane (Lulu)
Bo Wei "Bebe" Chang -- AD Carry (Jinx)
Jie "Jay" Li -- Support (Leona)

SK Telecom T1 K -- SKT | http://bit.ly/allstarSKT

Eonyeong "Impact" Jung -- Top Lane (Shyvana)
Sungwoong "bengi" Bae -- Jungler (Evelynn)
Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee -- Mid Lane (Twisted Fate)
Gwangjin "Piglet" Chae -- AD Carry (Lucian)
Junghyun "PoohManDu" Lee -- Support (Karma)


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