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Tim O'Brien - Demon Lover (Lyrics)

Judul: Tim O'Brien - Demon Lover (Lyrics)

Publikasi: 24 September 2014

Uploader: MyMoppet52

Durasi: 5:19

"Demon Lover" with Tim O'Brien and Karen Casey is a Child ballad and is traced back to the 1700's. (In America it is better known as "The House Carpenter"). This is from his album "Two Journeys" which was released in 2001. Enjoy!
Lyrics thanks to http://www.metrolyrics.com/demon-lover-lyrics-tim-obrien.html :

Well met, well met, my own true love
Well met, well met, cried he
I've just returned from the salt, salt sea
And it's all for the sake of thee

I've come for the vows that you promised me
To be my partner in life
She said my vows you must forgive
For now I'm a wedded wife

Yes I have married a house carpenter
To him I've born two fine sons
It's seven long years since you sailed to the west
And I took you for dead and gone

If I was to leave my husband dear
And my two babies also
Just what have you to take me to
If with you I should now go

I have seven ships out upon the sea
And the eighth one that brought me to land
And four and twenty bold mariners
And music on every hand

It was then she went to her two little babes
And kissed them on cheek and on chin
Saying fare thee well my sweet little ones
I'll never see you again

They had not sailed much more than a week
I know that it was not three
When altered grew his countinence
And a raging came over the sea

And when they reached the shore again
On the far side of the sea
It was there she spied his cloven hoof
And wept most bitterly

Oh what is that mountain yon she cried
So dreary with ice and with snow
It is the mountain of hell he cried
Where you and I now will go

Kenny Malone - Drums, Tambourine, Djembe
Tim O'Brien - Bouzouki, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Mandola
Maura O'Connell - Vocal Harmony
Dirk Powell - Banjo, Guitar, Triangle, Accordion, Fender Rhodes
Darrell Scott - Banjo, Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Vocal Harmony
Jeff White - Vocal Harmony
John Williams - Flute, Piano, Accordion, Low Whistle
Michael McGoldrick - Flute, Low Whistle, Penny Whistle
Niall Vallely - Concertina
Courtney Granger - Vocals
Laoise Kelly - Harp
John "Buddy" Williams - Flute, Piano, Accordion, Low Whistle
Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill - Keyboards
Paddy Keenan - Pipe, Uilleann pipes
Karan Casey - Vocals
Steve Cooney - Guitar
Dennis Crouch - Bass
Paul Brady - Vocal Harmony
Kevin Burke - Fiddle