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The IRA's Growing Criminal Enterprise

Judul: The IRA's Growing Criminal Enterprise

Publikasi: 29 January 2008

Uploader: Journeyman Pictures

Durasi: 24:45

IRA Inc. (2005): They may have decommissioned their weapons, but will the IRA ever turn its back on crime? Evidence suggests their criminal empire is in fact growing.

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The theft of £26 million last December was the biggest bank heist the world had ever seen. Chief Constable Orde is sure "the provisional IRA were responsible." However, Gerry Adams disputes this. "There has not been one slither of evidence produced to substantiate the claim that the IRA was involved". Difficulties in finding proof for the theft, or for the murder of Robert McCartney are partly due to historic silence. Now police are facing new challenges as IRA Inc. takes a cue from the Mafia and moves into legitimate business. "You'll buy a property, you'll do it up and you put your dirty money into it," explains a former IRA spy. "It's a way of cleaning your money". Unionists are angry that more isn't being done to stop the IRA. "The police are more interested in keeping the terrorists happy than they are in actually catching them" complains Unionist Willie Frazer. They may turn a blind eye for the moment, but one can be sure that there will come a point when they can ignore it no longer.

ABC Australia - Ref. 2816

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