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RotMG - Pura Vida

Judul: RotMG - Pura Vida

Publikasi: 27 July 2013

Uploader: remm

Durasi: 330

Well this is it guys, my last RotMG video. I've thrown in and cut all of my good remaining footage, going back almost a year.

Massive edit: I was hacked a few days after I uploaded this. They had a copy of my muledump accounts file and took everything. Most characters were left alive but my Mystic was killed and put on Legends. Be secure.

I might be making more videos in the future, but not of realm.

Special thanks to MAFIA.
You are all awesome.

Songs are:
IYF & Dreamz -- Never Changing Who I Am!
Dowster & Vagabond -- We'll Be Coming Back
Osiris -- Get This Bitch Earthquaking
The Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak Feat. Ruffian -- Hardcore Takin' Over (David Max Remix)