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Download now [Nightcore] Gold (Male ver) (Sam Tsui) mp3

[Nightcore] Gold (Male ver) (Sam Tsui)

Judul: [Nightcore] Gold (Male ver) (Sam Tsui)

Publikasi: 26 September 2016

Uploader: Nightcore Eli

Durasi: 2:16

taking any requests for female/male versions of songs + nightcore remixing, leave them in the comments section!

I just realized what a great difference dropping shadows behind the text actually makes. Which probably means I should go change up the rest of my vids (again). Except, yeah, I can't be bothered to.

Also, I usually try to match the art to the songs at hand, except this one doesn't really match imo, the art seems more suited to "centuries" or "immortals". But it's been a long day, I can't think of a character who really fits, all that stuff, so I hope you like Lelouch anyway.

Music: Gold (Cover by Sam Tsui) [Originally by Kiiara]

El Dorado [Background] (http://feelgrafix.com/1013939-el-dorado.html)

Code Geass- Lelouch Lamperouge [Image in circle] (http://koujialone.deviantart.com/art/Lelouch-doodle4-300969793)