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Francys - Nibiru [AEON013D]

Judul: Francys - Nibiru [AEON013D]

Publikasi: 29 April 2015


Durasi: 8:30

Available on Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1HUoaAv

This sensationally crafted four track EP perfectly captures the dark melodic techno sound that Francys has grown so accustomed to. An ambient and atmospheric undertone accompanies and surrounds each production on the EP, which is perfectly captured by the opening track ‘Different Shapes’. This production is a perfect opener displaying Francys diverse and unique sound that is often trademarked and recognizable by the synth melodies that layer each production.

Combining crisp closed percussion and haunting delayed synth keys; ‘Nibiru’ offers a more minimal techno sound to the EP, with the distorted snare and powerful kick drum layered under the track. The baseline remains ambient leaving Francys synth arrangement to draw in the listener and drive the production forward.

‘Arcenciel’ captivates the listener with a fusion of darkened piano riffs and chilling melodies. This track is a stand out production from the EP, a steady dramatic progression over eight minutes resulting in the track gradually fading out accompanied by an echoed synth.