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Download now BTOB - The Feeling REACTION || Melodude Reacts mp3

BTOB - The Feeling REACTION || Melodude Reacts

Judul: BTOB - The Feeling REACTION || Melodude Reacts

Publikasi: 12 June 2018

Uploader: Fandam

Durasi: 13:36

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Support BTOB! Their comeback is only a week away:

Their Twitter ❤ https://twitter.com/OFFICIALBTOB
Their V LIVE ❤ http://channels.vlive.tv/FD737

BTOB - one of the 3 best groups in kpop (officially according to me) and coming back next week, and they dropped The Feeling as a pre-release this week which of course, was amazing. I had to listen to it twice, I hope you understand!

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