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Download now (Acoustic English Cover) BTS - Spring Day (봄날) | Elise (Silv3rT3ar) mp3

(Acoustic English Cover) BTS - Spring Day (봄날) | Elise (Silv3rT3ar)

Judul: (Acoustic English Cover) BTS - Spring Day (봄날) | Elise (Silv3rT3ar)

Publikasi: 26 February 2017

Uploader: Silv3rT3ar

Durasi: 4:46

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Hi, hope you’re all doing well! :D I died from midterms the last 2 weeks in uni, so that’s why I couldn’t get this done until now lol OTL The lyrics of Spring Day are so nice… As always, I wrote these lyrics with the translations in mind, but it’s not supposed to be a direct translation. :)

Anyways, hope you guys like it! I spent like 983294791 hours (okay... not forreal but LOL you get the idea) writing the lyrics and recording and mixing, and the chorus took especially long because of all the harmonies/bg vocals/layers in general that I recorded for it 😂

Please like, share the link, and leave me a comment!! I try to read all of them (and also reply to as many as I can! ^____^)

Love, Elise 🐻

ps: lol was debating whether or not to try making a cover of Not Today but LOL probably wouldn’t be successful XD ALSO TAE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THE MV (he’s my bias T___T) that white jacket, that headband, that hair part, his smirks goodbye world 🙃

pps: happy belated bday to hobi ♡ planning on making a cover of YNWA for the Yoongs' bday :)

ppps: please turn on notifications so you'll know next time I upload something! :D

pppps: lol congrats you made it this far and actually read the description box whoooo~ thank you :)


As always, I wrote these lyrics with the translations in mind. They are NOT a direct translation of the Korean lyrics, so they will be different than the original. I like to keep the same general feel to them, so it will be similar at times. Everything I use to make my covers is in the about on my channel; please look there before asking. Thanks! :)

The lyrics, instrumental, vocals, and video are all by me! I just don't own the original song Spring Day by BTS :) Please DO NOT re-upload this video anywhere! I worked really hard on this cover and the video belongs to me. If you would like to share it, please just share the link to the video on YouTube.
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